Laboratory supplies

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Fluo-Kem Sleeves

art: ls541-532-68
Micro-thin sleeves made of virgin Teflon® TFE fit snugly on full length ground glass joints to keep them from seizing, leaking, or galling.

Funnel Holder

art: ls078-329-04
Non-corrosive high density polyethylene funnel holder and clamp includes two bushings for 12.5mm (1/2'') or 9.5mm (3/8'') diameter support rod.

Gas Sampling Bulbs

art: ls444-458-34

Glass Stir Rods

art: ls088-734-01
Stir rods are highly chemical resistant and withstands temperatures to 400° F (205°)C.

Glass Tubing T-Shaped Connectors

art: ls459-362-60
Glass T-Shaped Connecting Tubes with constricted hose connects.