Laboratory supplies

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Safe-Lab Hollow Teflon TFE Stoppers

art: ls400-518-02
Use these hollow Teflon® stoppers for boiling and distilling style flasks with ground joints. Stopper comes with polypropylene extracting nut for easy removal from flask.

Safe-Lab Stirrer Bearings

art: ls064-440-59
SAF-T-LINE® threaded size for use with Stopper-Loc® Nut. Allows stirrer bearing to be locked to outer ground joint when stirring viscous materials for long periods of time.

Safe-Lab Teflon TFE Stoppers For Flasks

art: ls787-185-85
Solid Teflon® TFE stopper with threaded polypropylene extracting nut for easy removal of stopper from flask. Interchangeable with penny head stoppers.