Reliable Labware for Your Scientific Success

Scientific researches are rather complicated. The complete focus on the experiment is crucial for its success. That is why it is extremely important for you as a scientist not to be distracted by the concern regarding the quality of the lab supplies you need. has already checked it up for you!

Our experts have created an extensive catalog Brumer of durable and affordable consumables for your laboratory researches. We offer many products that will help you to establish steady workflow and concentrate on your job in the lab. The whole range of labware presented on our website is provided by trustworthy manufacturers only. People, who are devoted to their job, just like we are. Whether you are going to use it for industrial, research or educational purposes, none of our chemicals and apparatus will ever fail you.

While buying your perfect lab supplies for all kind of scientific researches, you should pay attention to the following:

  • There is nothing more important for chemical experiments.
  • Reasonable price. Nobody wants to overpay for the substances and utensils, however cheap can sometimes be a synonym of poor quality. It is necessary to find the golden mean.
  • Frequency and ease of use. Ask yourself, how often you are going to use the labware. In what environment? Will it be simply laboratory equipment, or are you going to use it in the field? If the latter is your choice, you need to pay special attention to the ease of use and transportation.
  • Warranty contract and after-sales support. This is always one of the most important parts while buying the equipment. Reliable manufacturers often provide effective post-sales support.

Do you think it is complicated to find online the laboratory supplies meeting all of these requirements? Not at all! We, at, have already selected the best specimens of lab and industrial equipment, glassware and chemicals. All the consumables you need for your researches are here, on our website.

The only thing you have to do is to add the items you choose to the shopping cart. Our team will take care of all the rest: the prompt contact to specify all the order and delivery details, accurate arrangement and packing of the parcel, punctual delivery – and you can enjoy your order. We do our best for you to get exactly what you need, exactly when you need it!

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"Y" Connectors - Polypropylene

art: ls201-827-40
Y style tubing connector with barbed hose fittings. Connector is also autoclavable.