Laboratory supplies

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Cube 2Ube® Tubes

art: ls695-489-04
CUBE 2UBE® Tubes are compatible with Beckman BioMek 1000, Tecan, Hamilton and other Robotic workstations.

Cup-Type Stoppers

art: ls678-695-10
These polyethylene cup-type stoppers fit tightly, yet remove easily. All are 25mm high. 24 of one size per bag.

Fittings Assortment Kit

art: ls400-086-84
This assortment of twenty-eight fittings handles most common laboratory tubing connections. In addition to "Y", "T" and straight connectors, the assortment includes clamps for flow control and quick disconnect fittings for easier configuration changes.

Flint glass rod

art: ls106-963-83
Flint constructed from high quality flint glass.