About Us

The Chemical online-store Brumer was created in 2015 and the adroit experts working with us have broad experience in supplying and equipping various laboratories and rooms, service companies working with treatment facilities, textile, oil, chemical, biological, engineering and other enterprises. If you have not found the product you need in our catalog, if you need to synthesize some special chemical for your lab, our team will be happy to help you. Just contact our manager through the online messenger, fill in the feedback form, or send us an email with the description of the task or question you have. Experts of The Chemical online-store Brumer will find a viable solution in the shortest possible terms.

The main for us

Our customers are of utmost importance to us that is why we are always ready to consider their wishes and concerns. High-quality customer service is our top priority.

If you are not quite sure about your choice or require some additional information about the characteristics of the product, our professional team is always here to consult you on any question you have.

Our main goal of creating the Chemical online-store Brumer is to perfect the established order of things. This world is constantly developing, and we cannot stand aside. Our online-store is the first step towards creating new communities in B2B and private sectors that makes shopping more transparent, simplifies the trading procedure and allows to buy quicker and with greater benefits. Our firm has at its disposal a lot of modern warehouses conveniently situated in European and Asian countries. We ship worldwide. Besides, we can boast with plenty of partnership agreements and extensive experience of supplying different industrial companies and projects.