Laboratory glassware

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Liquid Nitrogen-Cooled Mortar

Frozen tissue samples can be ground without the hazard of liquid nitrogen droplets flying onto personnel. A 304 stainless steel mortar is suspended by three brackets above a stainless steel bowl which holds the liquid nitrogen.

Long Stem Funnels

art: lg069-130-81
Heavy-duty, polypropylene funnels have smooth walls, 60 degree cone angle and long stem. External ribs prevent air lock. Steam autoclavable at 121ºC (250ºF).

Micro Funnels

art: lg215-946-27
Perfect for micro work, filling burettes, manometers, and small bottles.

Micro Zippette, Hand-Held Dispenser

art: lg814-587-35
The MicroZippette™ is a spring-loaded, self-priming, hand-held dispenser. Ideal for rapid multi-dispensing of reagents as an alternative to micropipettors.

Polystop Dropper Bottles

art: lg078-329-04
The Polystop™ Dropper Bottle provides a distinct advantage over other glass dropper bottles.