Laboratory glassware

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Urbanti High-Speed Filter Funnels

art: lg355-570-90
Unsurpassed for non-vacuum, high-speed filtration, these clear funnels have internal helicoid ribs to increase the filtration speed. Vertical outer ribs prevent airlock.

Watch Glasses

art: lg122-002-24
These watch glasses feature a high chemical durability which prevents contamination.

Wide Mouth Mason Jars

art: lg967-070-17
These polypropylene, heavy-walled Mason Jars are ideal for industrial waste sampling, and long-term storage.

Wide Mouth Round LDPE Bottles

art: lg767-565-86
These most popular bottles offer proven dependability for storing, shipping, and handling chemicals in both liquid and powder form.

Write on Bottles

art: lg566-620-65
Large dedicated labeling areas help to standardize the way bottle contents are identified.