Laboratory glassware

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Glass Cylinders, Two-Part, Educational Grade

art: lg609-130-50
Designed for k-12 educational institutions performing experimental laboratory procedures.

Glass Dropping Pipettes

art: lg093-658-38
Glass dropping pipettes with 5ml red bulbs. Straight pipets with glass tube and tapered rubber bulbs are available in five sizes.

Glass Medicine Droppers

art: lg493-380-50
Glass medicine droppers available with either straight or bent tips and lengths of 3, 3-1/2 or 4 inches. Tapered synthetic rubber bulbs. Sold in packs of 144 or 1,000.

Glass Tubing, Flint Glass (Assorted Sizes)

art: lg642-589-75
Flint glass tubing constructed from fine quality flint glass.

Graduated Cylinders, Single Scaled - Polypropylene

art: lg665-703-56
Graduated cylinders have a “Total Contained, Total Delivered” single scale with raised numerals for easy reading.

Graduated Pitchers-Polypropylene

art: lg953-878-15
Gracefully proportioned, chemical resistant, and shatterproof, these pitchers are ideal for general laboratory use. Both materials offer well designed spouts and large handles for use with wet or dry ingredients.

Graduated Pitchers-TPX

art: lg496-495-95