Valerophenone is an organic chemical compound that belongs to aromatic ketones. The preferred IUPAC name of this chemical is 1-phenylpentan-1-one. It is also known under the names butyl phenyl ketone, 1-phenyl-1-pentanone, and n-butyl phenyl ketone. The CAS number of the substance is 1009-14-9.

Valerophenone has chemical formula C11H14O and is a colorless liquid with a characteristic odor. It is characterized by the following properties:

  • molar mass: 162.23 g/mol,
  • density: 0.988 g/cm3,
  • melting point: −9.4 °C,
  • boiling point: 105 to 107 °C

Storage and Safety

The vapors of the substance may ignite at 102 °C. This chemical should be kept out of acids, bases, strong oxidizing agents, and plastics, as it is incompatible with them. The compound should be stored at room temperature in a properly ventilated premise.

Valerophenone is widely applied in study of different photochemical processes. It may also be used as intermediates of liquid crystals and as an inhibitor of enzyme carbonyl reductase.

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