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Wide Mouth Mason Jars

art: lg967-070-17
These polypropylene, heavy-walled Mason Jars are ideal for industrial waste sampling, and long-term storage.

Wide Mouth Round LDPE Bottles

art: lg767-565-86
These most popular bottles offer proven dependability for storing, shipping, and handling chemicals in both liquid and powder form.

Write on Bottles

art: lg566-620-65
Large dedicated labeling areas help to standardize the way bottle contents are identified.

Xylitol 99%

art: ch87-99-0
Formula C5H12O5
Molar mass 152.146 g/mol
CAS number 87-99-0

About Chemical store Chemical store is a trusted supplier of chemical lab supplies with the highest quality assurance and safe delivery. When you buy from us, you concentrate on experiments and lab work.

Our competent specialists have already selected the best samples of laboratory and industrial equipment, glassware and chemicals. All the consumables you need for your research can be found here on our website. Substances such as nitroethane, benzaldehyde, methylamine, methylpropiophenone, dichloroethane, and others are available from our warehouses. Every product is thoroughly checked before shipment. We value our reputation, your safety really matters to us.

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