Perchloric Acid 70% ACS Reagent

art: ch7601-90-3
Formula ClHO4
Molar mass 100.454 g/mol
CAS number 7601-90-3

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100g Perchloric Acid 70% ACS Reagent$20.00
4*100g Perchloric Acid 70% ACS Reagent$78.00
500g Perchloric Acid 70% ACS Reagent$95.00
1KG Perchloric Acid 70% ACS Reagent$860.00
2.5KG Perchloric Acid 70% ACS Reagent$2,000.00
4*2.5KG Perchloric Acid 70% ACS Reagent$8,000.00


Perchloric Acid is a monobasic acid and have chemical formula ClHO4. It is the one of the strongest (in aqueous solution, pK ≈ -10) acid, anhydrous form – an exceptionally strong oxidizer because it contains chlorine in the highest oxidation state +7. Perchloric Acid (in aqueous solution) is colorless volatile liquid, strongly fuming in the air, in pairs monomeric. Concentrated aqueous solutions of perchloric acid are widely used in analytical chemistry and for the production of perchlorates as well. Chloric acid is used in the decomposition of complex ores, in the analysis of minerals, and also as a catalyst.

Molar mass
100.454 g/mol
CAS Number
1.664 g/mL at 25°C (77°F)
70% (ACS Reagent)
Melting point/freezing point
– 18°C (0°F)
Initial boiling point and boiling range
ca.203°C (397°F) at 1,013 hPa (760 mmHg)
Vapour pressure
9.1 hPa (6.8 mmHg) at 25°C (77°F)


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