Diiodomethane 99% Reagent Plus

art: ch75-11-6
Formula CH2I2
Molar mass 267.836 g/mol
CAS number 75-11-6

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1kg Diiodomethane 99% Reagent Plus$76.00
5kg Diiodomethane 99% Reagent Plus$360.00
10kg Diiodomethane 99% Reagent Plus$720.00


Diiodomethane or methylene iodide, commonly abbreviated “MI”, is an organoiodine compound. Diiodomethane is a colorless liquid; however, it decomposes upon exposure to light liberating iodine, which colours samples brownish. It is slightly soluble in water, but soluble in organic solvents. It has a relatively high refractive index of 1.741, and a surface tension of 0.0508 N·m−1

Because of its high density, diiodomethane is used in the determination of the density of mineral and other solid samples. It can also be used as an optical contact liquid, in conjunction with the gemmological refractometer, for determining the refractive index of certain gemstones. Diiodomethane is a reagent in the Simmons–Smith reaction, serving as a source of the free radical methylene (carbene), :CH2.

Storage Information: Light sensitive. Keep tightly closed in light-resistant containers.

Molar mass
267.836 g/mol
CAS Number
3.325 g/mL
=>99% (Reagent Plus)


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