Boiling Flasks, Round Bottom Flask, Tooled Lip

art: lg513-368-13
Useful in Apparatus Assemblies

Available Options

Bomex Tooled Flask, 50ml capacity, #2 stopper size$250.00
Bomex Tooled Flask, 100ml capacity, #3 stopper size$320.00
Bomex Tooled Flask, 250ml capacity, #6 stopper size$380.00
Bomex Tooled Flask, 500ml capacity, #6 stopper size$470.00
Bomex Tooled Flask, 1000ml capacity, #8 stopper size$520.00


Useful in Apparatus Assemblies

  • Tooled Mouth
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Round Bottoms
  • Without rubbor stopper


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