Benzaldehyde, CAS 100-52-7

art: ch100-52-7
Formula C7H6O
Molar mass 106.12 g/mol
CAS number 100-52-7

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Synonyms: Benzenecarboxaldehyde, Artificial Almond Oil, Benzenecarbonal, Benzoic Acid Aldehyde, NSC 7917, Phenylformaldehyde, Phenylmethanal, Benzaldehyde FFC, Benzoic Aldehyde.

Benzaldehyde is an organic compound, which is the simplest aldehyde belonging to the aromatic series. It is soluble in ether, alcohol, ester and fatty oils as well as in other organic solvents. It reacts with hydrocyanic acid, sodium hydrosulfite and other nucleophilic reagents.

This colorless liquid has a characteristic smell of apple pips or bitter almonds. When stored, it turns yellow and oxidizes to benzoyl peroxide with air oxygen, subsequently converting to benzoic acid.
Benzaldehyde derivatives are present in some plants. They are found in the leaves of bird cherry, bitter almond, common oyster mushroom pulp, seeds, leaves and stems of apple, peach and cherry trees. Benzaldehyde derivatives can also be found in canang, hyacinth and patchouli.

General Properties

It is the simplest, most commonly used aromatic aldehyde for industrial purposes. It is currently used as follows:

  • As a solvent;
  • as a food flavoring;
  • as part of perfume and cosmetic compositions;
  • for synthesis of fragrant substances and dyes;
  • for obtaining some medicines.

The main industrial importance of benzaldehyde consists in obtaining from it such compounds as almond, cinnamic, benzyl acid, etc.
In modern cosmetic industry benzoic aldehyde is mainly used for making lotions and soaps as a flavoring agent, giving cosmetics a delicate almond aroma. It works well in combination with coumarin, vanillin and some other flavoring agents.


In perfumery, this chemical is used in the fragrance essence with the scent of almond bitterness. It is used in the production of almond, cherry, acacia, jasmine, violet, sunflower and other scents.
In food industry benzaldehyde is used as flavoring agent for various food products, for example, canned cherry syrup.

In the chemical industry benzaldehyde is used for the synthesis of various dyes, primarily triphenylmethanes. In addition, it can serve as a plasticizer, solvent, and is used in the production of some medicines. It is also used as a fuel.
Benzaldehyde is also used in beekeeping today. In apiaries, it is used together with smoke to keep the bees away from the hives and to be able to service them safely, avoiding bee stings.

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