Laboratory glassware

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Precisionware™ Low-Density Polyethylene Wide Mouth Bottles

art: lg592-038-11
Translucent, leak proof design, flexible and easy to fill wide mouth bottles. Made of FDA compliant material, ideal for general storage of liquids and powders

Precisionware™ Polypropylene Narrow Mouth Bottle, Autoclavable

art: lg580-335-29
Ideal for pharmaceutical or similar packaging, these water-clear bottles are Boston round in style and molded from FDA compliant material.

Precisionware™ Polypropylene Wide Mouth Bottles, Autoclavable

art: lg218-560-62
Polypropylene Wide Mouth Bottles for pharmaceutical or similar packaging of both liquid and dry materials.

Reagent Bottles

art: lg567-922-56
For storing reagents, sera, vaccines, colloidal solutions and similar liquids.

Round-Bottom Flask Support

art: lg843-499-01
Round-bottom flasks of any size up to 10 liters are cradled securely in the stepped concentric rings of this support. Supports are stackable affording the ability to create a stable base at various heights.

Separatory Funnels, Conical

art: lg249-068-48
Pear-Shaped Separatory Funnels with ground glass joint, stoppers and glass stopcock. Constructed of high quality borosilicate glass.