Laboratory glassware

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Polystormor® Square Wide Mouth Bottles

art: lg743-185-80
These space-efficient bottles store more samples or chemicals in limited shelf space than round bottles. Not suitable for shipping liquids.

Pouring Pitcher

art: lg155-860-20
Rigid, lightweight pouring pitchers have generous fill openings and extended spout for safe, easy pouring. Half-dome top prevents splattering and spillage.

Powder Funnels

art: lg480-916-56
Polypropylene funnels with 60 degree angle. Parallel stems minimize bridging of powder. Steam autoclavable at 121º C (250º F).

Precisionware™ High-Density Polyethylene Narrow Mouth Bottles

art: lg170-071-21
Leak proof, rigid high-density polyethylene, all purpose bottles with polypropylene closures. Ideal for packaging and storage of liquids.

Precisionware™ High-Density Polyethylene Wide Mouth Bottles

art: lg701-409-16
These high-density polyethylene bottles with polypropylene closures are ideal for packaging and storing of liquids and solids.

Precisionware™ Low-Density Polyethylene Narrow Mouth Bottles

art: lg148-502-40
Translucent low-density polyethylene, flexible with a leak proof design. Ideally suited for general storage of liquids and sampling.