Almond flavoured prison term

Benzaldehyde – the first thing that comes to mind to a person who has ever encountered this substance is the smell of bitter almonds. Colourless, yellowish liquid. Is it harmless? Quite the opposite. When working with drops of this valuable essence you need to use protective suits that will protect you from poisoning. Why do we need this information and why are we interested in it, you might ask. The answer is simple – it’s a precursor.

Since we are talking about the smell of almonds, you might think that we are talking about the synthesis of mandelic acid, what’s wrong with that? You will be absolutely right, but this substance is not rich in this alone. A precursor to amphetamine, this is what the legislation of many countries has stigmatized this substance and severely limited circulation.

A small history of this substance sends us to the origins of mother nature, namely, the already mentioned almonds, as well as bird cherry leaves, in the pulp of oyster mushroom and, oddly enough, cherry. It is in these gifts of the earth that derivatives of benzoic aldehyde are contained. But the finished product is not immediate. Initially you will find the glycoside amygdalin, with which you will later need to do some workarounds in order to get the desired result.

In addition, it can be obtained from toluene, benzyl halides, and then you can make a list on and on. It would seem, just take it and cook it, and sell it. As usual, this requires a fairly good laboratory, impressive experience in synthesis and, of course, the desire to smash the face of the law, which is no longer for the faint of heart. Knowing this information, now treat almonds with a modicum of respect. After all, who would have thought that tons of drugs can be made just with some nuts.