1-Bromo-5-fluoropentane, CAS 407-97-6

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1-Bromo-5-fluoropentane is an organic chemical compound. The substance is also known under diverse synonymic names, among them: 5-fluoropentyl bromide, 5-fluoroamyl bromide, 5-bromopentyl fluoride, 1-bromo-5-fluoro-pentane, etc. The molecular formula of the compound is C5H10BrF; its CAS number is 407-97-6.


1-Bromo-5-fluoropentane is a colorless liquid with the following properties:

  • Molecular weight: 169.037 g/mol;
  • Density: 1.360 g/mL;
  • Boiling Point: 162°C.

The chemical is soluble in methanol and only slightly soluble in water.

This organic compound is mainly used for the preparation 18F-labeled (anilido)piperidine derivatives as μ-opioid receptor imaging agents and other chemicals.

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Storage and Safety

1-Bromo-5-fluoropentane is a flammable and light sensitive liquid. It should be kept in a cool, dry place with adequate ventilation. The chemical must be stored in tightly closed container away from oxidizing agents.

This substance is irritant. It may cause serious damage to eyes and irritation if on skin. Inhalation of the chemical results in respiratory tract irritation.