Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric acid (alternatively spelled sulphuric acid) is a mineral acid also known as oil of vitriol. This is one of the most important chemicals, since sulfuric acid has multiple applications and is produced in great amounts. Indeed, country’s production of this chemical is considered as an indicator of its industrial strength.


First of all, it is a central substance in chemical industry. This acid plays an important part in the production of nitric acid, sulfate salts, dyes, pigments, drugs, etc. Besides, this compound is widely used in fertilizers manufacturing, e.g., making of ammonium sulfate or superphosphate of lime.

Petroleum refining, metals treatment, for example steel and iron pickling before plating them with zinc or tint, all of these processes include sulfuric acid. It is a component of rayon, and serves as electrolyte in the lead-acid battery.

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General Properties

Sulfuric acid is a chemical compound with molecular formula H2SO4. It is odorless and colorless dense oily liquid. It’s melting point is 10oC, boiling point – 337oC, CAS number 7664-93-9. The substance is highly hygroscopic and absorbs water vapor from the air readily. When mixed with water, it causes exothermic reaction. The amount of heat released during this reaction is enough to boil the water and to splash the acid.

The chemical should be stored at +5oC to +30oC, away from most of metals, organic materials, strong reducing and oxidizing agents, bases. It is corrosive to human tissues and may cause skin burns and severe eye damage. That is why personal protective equipment is a must when handling this compound.