4-Fluorobenzaldehyde is a chemical compound with molecular formula C7H5FO and CAS number 459-57-4. It is also called p-Fluorobenzaldehyde or p-Fluorobenzenecarboxaldehyde.

4-Fluorobenzaldehyde is liquid of pale yellow color. It is slightly soluble in water and air sensitive. The other properties of this chemical are as follows:

  • Density: 1.181 g/cm3;
  • Melting point: -10°C;
  • Boiling point: 181°C;
  • Molar mass: 124.114 g/mol;
  • Flash point: 56°C

The substance is a fluorinated benzaldehyde possessing inhibitory activity of mushroom tyrosinase. It is mainly used for synthesis. This chemical is widely applied as a synthetic intermediate when preparing the pharmaceutical compounds.

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Storage and Safety

4-Fluorobenzaldehyde is stable under normal temperature and pressure. It should be stored in tightly closed container, in cool, dry, well-ventilated area. The temperature in the storage place should not exceed +30°C. The substance is highly flammable. It has to be kept away from any source of ignition, including heat, sparks, flame, etc.

The chemical and its vapors may irritate human tissues. That is why when handling the substance personal protective equipment (eyeshields, full-face respirator, and gloves) is a must.