2-Fluorobenzaldehyde is clear colorless to light brown liquid. The chemical formula of this organic compound is C7H5FO. Its CAS number is 446-52-6. The substance is also called O-fluorobenzaldehyde. It is notable for the following characteristics:

  • Melting point: −44.5 °C;
  • Boiling point: 90-91 °C;
  • Molar mass: 124.114 g/mol;
  • Density: 1.178 g/mL at 25 °C

The chemical is insoluble in water. Besides, it is considered as flammable, since its flash point is 55 °C. This organic is mainly used in chemical synthesis.

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Safety and Storage

2-Fluorobenzaldehyde is air-sensitive substance. It should be kept in tightly closed container far from sparks, heat, open flame, or hot surfaces. When handling the chemical, it is necessary to wear personal protective equipment (protective gloves, eye protection) and use only non-sparkling tools and explosion-proof equipment.